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We have broad experience of developing most kinds of web applications, from simple, static websites to complex data-driven on-line applications. Our Web Development solution generally consists of the following phases:
  • Phase 1: Determine specific requirements of web application
  • Phase 2: Define milestones and deliverables
  • Phase 3: Design navigation mechanism and a graphical template providing the look and feel
  • Phase 4: Design back-end database schema
  • Phase 5: Implementation
  • Phase 6: Testing
  • Phase 7: Deployment
  • Phase 8: Hosting and Maintenance
Not all of these phases are required for every project, so we tailor our solution to each customer. We have graphic designers, a database expert, web programmers (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Perl, PHP, ASP, Python), QA engineers and a system administrator to execute the above phases as necessary.