Small Business

At Polyzing, we believe in surpassing customer expectations, to foster a good long-term relationship.

For small businesses it can be absolutely vital to avoid making costly errors in choice of technology. Small businesses generally cannot afford to invest in resources needed to fully understand the wide range of technologies available today. We have a number of small business clients and each one is unique in their requirements. Generally small business clients need us to solve a particular, well-defined problem. This could mean anything from resurrecting a dead server to developing custom applications.

A typical first engagement would start with a free consultation, investigating the client's business needs and identifying specific areas that need addressing in the near future Once a need has been identified, we work with the client to define specific requirements and propose a plan of action.

The main strengths we bring to a small business client are:
  • Flexibility to tailor our services to the particular needs of the client.
  • Extensive experience of a broad range of technologies from legacy to cutting-edge, allowing us to select the right tools for the job.
  • A pragmatic approach to Software Development, which means we can deliver the right solution at the right time, for the right price.
  • A rigorous approach to quality, allowing us to deliver robust software.
  • A sensitivity to cost that means we will provide reduced-cost options where appropriate
Please look through the range of services we offer and contact our sales department to discuss your needs.