Company Philosophy
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At Polyzing, we believe in surpassing customer expectations, to foster a long term relationship.
A typical first engagement would start with a free consultation, investigating the customer's business needs and identifying areas where we can solve problems, streamline operations or develop new, more efficient approaches to existing processes.
This is typically in the form of developing bespoke software, or customizing off-the-shelf products.
Once a need has been identified, we work with the customer to define specific requirements and propose a solution.

We use the following principles in everything we do:
  • Solving Business Problems
    Our primary goal is to help our clients solve business problems where a computerized solution is desirable.
    By having a broad and deep understanding of traditional solutions as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, we can tailor a solution that best solves the customer's business problem
  • Quality
    We take great pride in our work and are proud of our reputation as a producer of quality software. This is achieved by a tight integration between development and QA and by utilising automated regression testing where possible.
  • Understanding
    We ensure that we fully understand both the problem space and the technologies required in the solution, to allow us to produce quality, optimised solutions.